Emlenton Summerfest Results 2015
We apologize for any names we have missed.

Baby Beautiful Contest Winners

Julia Runyan

Parker Lilly

Frog Jumping Contest
7yrs and under:
1st place - Kaylynn Alsworth
2nd place - Remy Randall
3rd place - Hunter Rothen
8-14 yrs:
1st place - Aiden Swartz
2nd place - Adison Painter
3rd place - Vincent Maffe • Anthony Palmer
Smallest frog
Summer Young
Largest frog
Vincent Moffe
Most Unique
Angela Young • Aiden Swartz

We would like to thank those who participated, with a special Thanks to all who helped make this event possible.

Kids Bike Race
1st Place Medal
Michael Card
2nd Place Medal
Dale Sweger
3rd Place Medal
Braydon Morisson
6 and under Prizes
Daniel Dunkleberger
Cameron Harris
Ruth Dunkleberger
7-9 Prizes
Dale Sweger
Easton Wingard
Braydon Morisson
10-12 Prizes
Michael Card
Dylan Young
Abigail Chestnut

We would like to say thank you to all the kids who raced and the parents who showed up and helped, everyone did a great job.

Rubber Duck Race
1st Place
Don Wagner
2nd Place
Crystal ONeil
3rd Place
Bruce Rankin
4th Place
Amy Perry
5th Place
Deb Kiesling
6th Place
Tiffany Veder
7th Place
Deb Burrell
8th Place
Nick Richar
9th Place
Margaret Rothen
10th Place
Jame Peterson

First prize was $250.00, 2nd prize was $100.00 and 3rd through 10th were awarded at $50.00 each.

2nd Duck Race (50/50)
Jayme Rupp (winning $150)
*Race included 60 ducks. Only one winner.
High Striker
Rang the bell twice:
Robert Billotte
Eric Lighty
Big Butch E
AJ Charles
Catlin Adams
Chris Byler
Jim Lighty
Robert Woods (2x)
Jason Rex
Kenn Miller
Mike Summerville
Emanuel Byler
Atlec Yoder
Stephen Byler
Freeman Byler
Bill Gambos
Joe Byler
Dallas Wingard
Chris Adams
Mike Wingard
Tyler Vantassel
Gage Marzik
Dan Palmer
Robert Wingard (4X)
Izaya Seeker (2X)
Brad King
Fred Steve
Our strong man Ray did it ONE-HANDED!
Mechanical Bull
Some of our best times:
Mady L 11:18 & Avery 1:54
Know the Ropes:
Kylie 1:37 & Aiden M 2:40
Out of the Chute:
Jess F 1:01 & Charles B 1:20
Over the Hill Gang:
NY Jimmy 1:04
Euro Bungee
Our young summersaulting high-flyers included:
Gianna, Ava, Chloe, Kalynne, Malia, and Kadin
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